Monday, June 19, 2017

News From CAM                                                                                                         June 19, 2017
Dear Loved Ones All,
Another week, and another anniversary spent here in the Mission.  Monday we celebrated our 48th  year of married bliss.  Since it was P-day we did laundry and the usual p-day stuff.  I also took time to make a card for President and Sister Taggart since they are leaving at the end of the month, and a couple of wedding cards.  We took a trip to the post office and stopped in at the Mission Office to invite the Westergards to go with us, as soon as they were finished at the office, to the little sandwich shop they are always talking about to help us celebrate our anniversary.  In the hour that was left we stopped at a 99 Cent store to get a couple of things before going to Maria’s (our Hungarian) to install a wireless phone to place beside her chair in her TV room because she can’t get up in time to answer the phone in the kitchen.  Then we drove to the sandwich shop (actually it was an import market that had all kinds of foods from Mexico and South America) in addition to the little deli.  We ordered empanadas and shared one of the huge specialty sandwiches.  Unlike lunch time, the place was fairly quiet and had our choice of where to sit.  I think it was fun to try a different kind of food and of course the company was perfect.  When we finished our sandwiches we met back at our place.  The Westergards brought a package of tapioca pudding mix and I cooked it up for Elder Westergard and me and Sister Westergard and Elder Macbeth had Haagen-dazs ice cream bars because they didn’t prefer that kind of pudding.  We were all happy with our choices.  J  We also heard from many of our children and loved ones wishing us a wonderful anniversary, which made the day even more special.
This week was the last zone conferences which President and Sister Taggart will conduct.  Elder Wong was in charge of the lunches so we made sure we were at all three buildings in time to help with the final food preparation.  When we first got to the mission field we were told that Elder Wong didn’t want any help and to stay out of his kitchen, but that changed one day when he was late arriving because of traffic so I offered to help mix the salad as he chopped the veggies and to add the dressing.   Of course we are talking about a huge amount of salad so in the interest of time I just mixed it all with my hands (washed of course).  He was tickled about the fact that I was not like “Relief Society that had to have gloves and long handled utensils to keep from getting dirty.”  From that time on I became the salad sous chef and Elder Macbeth was allowed to help slice the meat.  While we were helping this time, Elder Wong told us that his daughter was getting married to someone from the Tri Cities with the last name of Larson and invited us to come down to the reception on Saturday.  Elder Macbeth made the comment, “What are the chances that we know the family?”  Elder Wong also invited the Westergards so we said we would be there.  Our zone conference was on Wednesday so that day we stayed the whole time.  It was kind of bittersweet to know we were getting the last instructions as a mission from a super great president and his wife.
Elder Macbeth spends quite a lot of time fulfilling Executive Secretary duties, and this week while he was doing that at the church I was preparing my R.S. lesson for Sunday before going down to the Family History Center.  This week we were unable to unravel any of the hiding/missing information for my family lines.  Maybe next week.  The sisters in the center said that when we go home they will give us their contact information so they can still work on our lines because the “like challenges.” 
We of course have visited with Maria multiple times since she had fallen and was not doing well.  We visited Keith and Sister Kidwell, and our young mother.  Health issues continue to be a major issue for so many here.
Our Book of Mormon class had a couple of investigators and as many members as missionaries.  Sometimes it seems like we have more missionaries but that’s alright since they all say they learn a lot when they attend, and the young missionaries have great insights to share.
By the end of the week Maria decided that since she couldn’t see the numbers on the new phones that she couldn’t use them so we took them back.  The only other option for her is to have the phone company come out and put in another phone jack so she can get a regular phone. 
On Saturday we did indeed go to the Wong/Larson wedding, and we did know the family.  As a matter of fact, we knew the grandparents because we were in the same ward and Brother Rawlins was in our Stake Presidency.  Heidi, the mother of the groom was his daughter, and so we attended her wedding reception when she married Mark Larson.  The whole Rawlins family (sons, daughters, spouses, and grandkids) came down for the wedding, so we had a marvelous time at the reception.  It was set up outside in the parking lot.  Heidi and family did the decorating and Elder Wong and family were in charge of the food.  They had Korean Tacos so Elder Wong spent a lot of the time at the grill providing the Korean BBQ meat and his famous steak.  He even was dressed in his perpetual T-shirt and work pants.  As a matter of fact, many of the people and guests were very casually dressed.  It was quite a fun reception.  Both Elder Wong and his wife are extremely accomplished and I was totally amazed at all the things they are involved in.  My kids think I like to keep my fingers in all the pies, but they make me look totally amateur. 
Sunday the Bishop cancelled all the extra meetings so we only had the block.  Amazing to get to sleep in.  Sacrament meeting was delightful.  We didn’t have as many visitors as last week but Elder Macbeth still helped pass the sacrament, and they only asked one visitor to help.  I wonder what the visitors think when they get asked to help pass the sacrament.  They handed out candy to the Dads and Dads to be.  My lesson went well, but I am kind of glad that I don’t have to give the R.S. lesson every week since I might have a hard time thinking of new ways to do the lesson.  It is nice if you know the lesson material well enough that you can ask the right questions so that in effect the class actually gives the lesson with their discussion. 
After church we came home for a quick snack before heading south.  We also had time to Skype with Mindy and Tony and talked with our oldest son John.  We visited with Michelle as we drove in the car.  We stopped to wish Keith a belated birthday and for a short visit on our way.  We got to Brad and Becky’s just before they all arrived back from church.  Brad changed and fired up the grill and we had burgers, hot dogs, and sausages (his choice for the day and the other dads thought that was great).  Of course we had all the other fixings and Becky’s mother made delicious cinnamon rolls for desert and her sister made a mint brownie.  Heaven.  Elder Macbeth even got the required tie for Father’s day.  A great choice.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!  We visited with Jayann on our way back home.  Sadly we didn’t see the call from our daughter Kristina in Utah, so we will have to catch up with her later.  Families are the greatest!
Have a wonderful week.   Love, Sister and Elder Macbeth.   Go!  Fight!!   WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   J

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